A representative example: You receive a loan of $1,500 repayable over 36 monthly installments with an interest rate of 15% and a 5% origination fee of $75, for an APR of 18.67%. In this example, $1,425 will be given to your guarantor as your agent and you will make 36 monthly payments of $52.

Why choose Trustic?



Simple application online. Once approved, funds disbursed the same business day.

Affordable Payments

Affordable Payments

We ensure that your monthly payments are comfortably affordable.

Trusted Lender

Trusted Lender

Trustic is a direct lender. We treat our borrowers and guarantors with respect.

You don’t need to do it alone.
Leverage your trust network to borrow affordably.

Trustic allows borrowers to reduce the cost of their loans by sharing credit risk with other people through guarantor nomination. We understand that it takes time to build a credit history that allows borrowing cheaply. We want to cut that time by letting you use a guarantor and borrow cheaply right now. To put it simply, if a friend or family member trusts you to make loan payments, we can trust you too.

What our customers are telling about us:

The lender that sees good in everything and everyone

As a guarantor, you are given a unique opportunity to empower your friend or family member to stand on their feet

How Trustic works


Tell us about yourself


Choose your loan offer, and repayment option your like best


Let us know who your guarantor is


Receive funds

Our goal is to create the smoothest and fastest process possible to receive your guarantor loan. If your guarantor loan application has been successful, we pay the loan into your guarantor's bank account on the same business day. It's then your guarantor's responsibility to give the money to you. Once the loan has been funded, we will keep both you and your guarantor up-to-date with the account statements. You are also able to see the balance online 24/7 by logging into your account. Don't worry, we will send your guarantor their personal login link.